Vision and Mission

“Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom”



Our vision is to build a community where our differently abled students can lead a fulfilling life, one of respect and self-sufficiency. The focus is on children from economically weaker strata since opportunities and sensitivity to their differences are severely lacking here. We strongly believe that our students have the right to education, training, games, leisure etc., and should enjoy the same privileges as afforded to those without disabilities. We strive to achieve this by our uniquely designed programme that places emphasis on identifying the strengths and talents of each student and tailoring the curriculum to their individual strengths and weakness. Ultimately, we want to create a community that is respectful and safe for our students and for them to become an integral and a contributing part of the society.


140 +
Children/Young Adults


To SEEK out less privileged children with special needs, and to INTERVENE by assessing their needs, provide comprehensive curative education/training after assessing the needs of each child through trained specialists, modern technology & infrastructure with an aim to mainstream them.